Anti Lost Wrist Link Traction Rope Baby Toddler Kids Safety Harness Child Leash



Main Color:Blue bag, orange bag

Material: Sponge pad wristband ,PU + stainless steel

Feel headache when your active kid seeks the freedom to run around while you want to hold his hand for safety?
Why not choose Anti Lost Wrist Link to give him the chance to exercise independence while being safely close by.

Soft breathable cotton wrist strap with anti-pricking velcro will not irritate your child, great for long time use to crowded places like super market, mall, zoo, park and Disney.

The adjustable wrist link is short enough to keep nearby and stretchy enough (up to 1.5m) to give your baby some desired freedom with the peace of mind that she is still in safety.


Name: Child Anti Lost Wrist Link
Material: Neoprene, PU, Stainless Steel Wire, Velcro, PP Rope Ribbon, Plastic Buckle
Color: Blue, Red, Blue + Red
Max Length: 1.5m
Weight: 5.6 ounces
Age Range: 2 to 10 years old
Stainless steel rotating angle: 360 degrees
Package include: 1* Child Anti Lost Wrist Link 1.5m

Warm tips:

1. This Anti Lost Wrist Link is only used to keep the kids from losing, it cannot prevent the kids from falling on the ground and can’t be used for training to walk.
2. The harness has the elasticity with mutual pull. So when going out, parents should keep following the kids closely to avoid the pull making them lose balance and fall.
3. In order to prevent the kids from running away before you, we suggest the parents should wear the item first, next the kids wear it, and then you can go together.