Baby Toddler Walking Assistant


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This innovative, baby to assist baby when learning to walk is beneficial to both baby and parents.The brightly coloured, padded harness has adjustable straps to accommodate both Stage 1 and Stage 2 of learning to walk – position 1 when baby is just learning to balance hands-free and position 2 where balance and stability improves and baby shows a desire to walk and explore!Baby balances more naturally with hands free and has fewer falls!


Baby gains a sense of freedom and control and so builds confidence.
Adjustable to your height so reduces back pain from bending over!
No tugging or twisting little arms.
Make sure the plastic locks are tighten.
It is learning to walk assistant.
Ideal way for the child to learn how to walk .
Promotes the child to walk and balance freely and safely.

Material: cotton
Color: blue, Deep blue, Pink, Red, Yellow
Fit for: 6months – 24months
Size: Chest circumference: 48cm (19″)-66cm (26″) Length 50-66cm