BBQ Cross Feet 24″ x 12″


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Size Cooking Surface
24″ x 12″


Accessory type: Mesh
Feature: Easily cleaned, heat resistance and waterproof
Suitable for camping & picnic
Easy to assemble
Easy washed
Adjustable cross feet


This traditional charcoal or wood BBQ grill is great for those who want the great taste of a charcoal or wood BBQ without the hassle. It is very portable with foldable legs and its heavy duty steel construction adds to the overall robust design. Enjoy authentic smoky barbecue flavours with the charcoal or wood fuelled. The BBQ grill also feature sturdy legs and is foldable making it portable enough to take it with you for camping or picnic and move it anywhere in the backyard. If space is a premium then this is the answer, cook and grill all your favourite meats and veggies without the need for a giant BBQ.


• Portable large camping charcoal BBQ grill
• Chrome steel grill top for cooking use
• Heavy duty steel construction for durability and easy cleaning
• Nut and bolt screw steel legs allows for portability and storage when not in use
• Ideal for variable outdoor activities such as BBQ party, camping and picnic
• Enjoy authentic Smokey flavours with charcoal or wood fuelled