Japanese Tatami Lazy Sofa Bed 1 Seat



The 6-grid filler is an independent cotton bag, which is separated from the sofa cover and is very convenient to disassemble and wash.
The 18-grid and 8-grid fillers are directly stuffed into the sofa cover, and it is not convenient to disassemble and wash without a separate liner

Name: 8 /6 tatami folding sofa
Fabric: cotton and linen
Specifications: 110 cm * 50 cm * 12 cm
Features: Multi-gear adjustable, sofa cover detachable cleaning
Function: sixth gear adjustment
Skeleton: high strength steel pipe skeleton

Note: pictures with real objects will have some color difference problems

Product attributes:
Take a break at noon, or use it for temporary guests at home.
Can be used as a household bed, comfortable and convenient
Using the characteristics of air, the human body matches the bed, which overcomes the obstacle of blood circulation caused by the uneven force of the traditional bed. Help eliminate fatigue as soon as possible and create a natural, comfortable and healthy sleep for you!

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Product specifications:
Suitable for: general purpose
Package includes:
1 sofa bed