Car Sun Shield Visor Panel

NPR 690.00

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Combine sunglass and night glasses functions, more convenient to use and space saving;
Integrated gear-type structure design, anti-shock and compact;
Install it onto the front CD board of car; Reduces the eyes fatigue caused by wearing glasses;
Easy to install, won’t affect the make-up mirror use;
Good for the drivers wearing a myopia glasses;
Very clear vision at night.


Made of quality anti-impact materials;
Special anti-glare function, light blocking rate is up to 72.5%;
Central wavelength: 585nm, twice the definition than traditional lens;
UV blocking: 97.4% effectively blocks ultraviolet light (315nm~380nm);
Anti-fatigue: eliminates eyes fatigue caused by harmful light;
Anti-impact: 10 times stronger than normal resin lens, 60 times stronger than glass, improved anti-impact performance;
Suitable for both day and night use;
Good for driving;

Compatible car models: Sedan models, hatchback models, minibus, business purpose vehicle and some off-road vehicles and SUV.


Do not touch it, to avoid leaving fingerprints;
Push the edge of sun visor gently when installing;
Clean dust on it with soft brush or just blow off;
Do not clean it with coarse or dirty cloth.