Manual Coffee Burr Grinder – Brushed Stainless Steel



PROFESSIONAL MANUAL COFFEE GRINDER – Delicious fresh-brewed coffee demands the best grinder tool, you won’t believe the difference in coffee taste and quality possible with a burr coffee grinder.
AMAZING PERFORMANCE – Coffee burr grinder design delivers a consistently even grind for ultimate aroma, superior flavor and the best coffee experience; you’ll taste the difference right away!
VERSATILE GRINDER TOOL – Adjustable coffee bean grinder selector controls coarseness, you choose perfect texture for espresso, pour over, cold brew coffee, French press, Turkish coffee, Greek, etc. FDA food-grade stainless steel; performance features inc. anti-stain, non-stick, anti-dust design.
QUIET, SMALL & PORTABLE – Space saver design stores easily in small drawers and tight kitchens. Simple to clean and very easy to maintain. No batteries, power, or long plastic cords needed – perfect espresso coffee grinder to travel with. Great for camping!


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